Spawn Soundtrack Of Odd Rock-Electronica Combos

In a move echoing the 1993 soundtrack to the Emilio Estevez/Denis Leary dud

Judgment Night, which featured rock and hip-hop collaborations from, among

others, Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill, Immortal Records honcho Happy Walters has

assembled a slew of odd rock and electronica pairings for the upcoming soundtrack

to this summer's other comic book-based movie event, Spawn.

Based on Todd McFarlane's cultish, gloomy graphic novel (which has also been

turned into an HBO animated series) about an obsessed black CIA operative who

returns from the dead to avenge his murder, the film's soundtrack will feature

appropriately dark collaborations between such disparate artists as Henry Rollins

and Goldie ("T-4 Strain"), Mansun and 808 State ("Skin Up Pin Up"), Filter and

The Crystal Method ("(Can't You) Trip Like I Do"), Korn and the Dust Brothers

("P.A."), Marilyn Manson and trip-hop-band-of-the-moment the Sneaker Pimps ("Long

Hard Road Out of Hell"), Stabbing Westward and DJ Josh Wink ("Torn Apart"),

Slayer and Atari Teenage Riot ("Contempt") and Incubus with Greyboy ("Familiar").

Also completed is a still unnamed track from Soul Coughing and Ronnie Size.

More hard rock-meets-electronica collaborations will be announced in the next few

weeks, as tracks are recorded, including possible match-ups between Metallica and

the Propellor Heads, Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and the Prodigy, and

the Butthole Surfers and Future Sound of London. The soundtrack is slated for

release on July 29. The movie, which stars newcomer Michael Jai White, Martin

Sheen and John Leguizamo, will hit theaters on Aug. 1.

In other somehow-related matters, McFarlane Toys, one of the spin-offs from the

Spawn family of products, recently unveiled their new-and-improved KISS

action figures.