A 12-Year-Old Boy Hit On Selena Gomez And Her Reaction Was Perfect

'I'm very impressed'

Have you ever wondered how you’d fare if given a shot to woo a celebrity with your best pick-up line? Most of us would probably fancy ourselves super suave charmers... even if the reality is we’d probably stumble over ourselves in a fit of awkwardness.

Not 12-year-old Max, though, who busted out a line so smooth that even Selena Gomez couldn’t resist it.

While visiting BBC Radio in London this week, host Cel Spellman gave listeners the chance to try out their best (read: cheesiest) lines on Sel, affectionately dubbed “one of the most sought-after women in the world.” Three lucky commoners got their shot at winning her over, but it was Max who stormed out the gate with the winning line: “Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for.”

“Wow, impressive. That got my attention,” Selena admitted. “The turning 18 part may need to be a crucial part of me pursuing... but I’m very impressed.”

Check out the vid below to hear Sel’s hilarious reactions to the other listeners’ lines, and try not to cringe too hard.