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Remind Yourself Of Lil Wayne's Greatness With This Mixed Version Of A Song That Leaked 10 Years Ago

Take a CDQ trip down memory lane

A decade ago, Lil Wayne was revealing himself to be the martian we now know and marvel at, the otherworldly rap specimen whose work and punchlines flow endlessly. He was fully hitting his mixtape stride: Dedication 2 dropped in 2006, Da Drought 3 came the next year, and No Ceilings arrived in 2009.

But there were plenty of songs, too, that didn't land on official mixtapes but did find their way into the online ether, forever championed as fan-favorites and immortalized on unsanctioned mixtapes. As such, some leaks were unfinished or unmastered. One such track, "Let's Talk It Over," which first surfaced online in 2006, was rereleased on Thursday, with the song's producer, Streetrunner, offering up a mixed and mastered version.

This isn't the first time this year that Streetrunner has given new life to old Tunechi by releasing mixed versions of previously leaked songs. In January, he posted "Trouble" and "Cry Out (Amen)," which you can listen to below.

Keep these coming.

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