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All That Cast Reunion: 8 Sketches We Need To See

'Ice cream tastes good, armpits taste bad'

Ready yet? Get set. It's an All That reunion! YES.

To celebrate its upcoming marathon of Nickelodeon's epic sketch comedy series, The Splat is rounding up alums Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, and Josh Server to take us all back to the '90s (where we wanna live in perpetuity, of course) this April, and we couldn't be more excited to relive the glory that was this show. YAS CHILDHOOD!

Even though it's been 22 years since the show first came into our lives, we've still got a few side stitches with AT's name on them, so with these five coming together like this, we can't help but hope they'll reprise some of their most memorable and hysterical characters, like (wink wink nudge nudge) these ones:

  1. “Good Burger”
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    This one’s as much of a given as the “yes” that immediately follows the question, “Do you want fries with that?” “Good Burger,” the most iconic entry of the All That sketch roster and the only one that transpired into an awesomely awful standalone movie, should probably earn a revisit during the reunion. (Although Kenan and Kel did revive the hilariously daft duo last fall.)

  2. “Everyday French with Pierre Escargot”

    Our French pal here loves his great apartment view, his trusty yellow rainsuit, and teaching people the bizarrest French-to-English translations a person could possibly muster. Thanks to this sketch, we were all secretly being schooled on how to spit crazy like “monkeys are tickling my tummy” and “do not squeeze the muskmelon.”

  3. “Repair Man Man Man Man”

    Dullmont Junior High School’s trusty repairman (man man man) played by Kel Mitchell could “repairman anything, everything, and other stuff, too.” Someone hit the vintage threads shops to scurry up some denim overalls to make this happen.

  4. Coach Kreeton

    Oooh the life he lived was “sad, miserable, wasted” … but also hilarious. Coach Kreeton and his epic despondency need to make a return to our small screens so he and Principal Pimpell can revive their love-hate relationship with the world.

  5. Walter the Earboy and Pizza Face

    Walter the Earboy and Pizza Face (along with Tinsel Teeth and Four Eyes) were the squad we should all aspire to be.

  6. “Vital Information”

    Lori Beth NEEDS to fill us in one what we’ve been missing for the past decade-plus with her zingy one-liner series. We’ve missed her seminal snark and ability to shut down all the idioms. They’ve been piling up in her absence.

  7. Superdude

    The world needs its trusted teenage superhero right now. Fact.

  8. Tandy Spork, Miss Piddlin, and Janitor Gaseous

    These three members of the Dullmont faculty were legends. Between Tandy’s tendency to knock her noggin, Miss P’s fits of pea-induced rage, and Gaseous’s love of the “squat and rot” routine, the trio made the halls of Dullmont that much more of a rollicking ride.