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Kylie Jenner Went Blonde For Bieber, As We All Would If We Could

I need to start collecting wigs

When you're as big of a wig aficionado as Kylie Jenner, you can change your hair to match any occasion. The perfect shade for a Justin Bieber concert? Blonde, obviously.

Kylie unveiled her return to the light side on Instagram, and while I appreciate a Wednesday night makeover as much as the next person, it wasn't entirely clear why she was changed her hair in the middle of the week. Then, on Snapchat, it was revealed that Kylie and the rest of her crew were attending Justin's concert — she went blonde for Bieber, as we all would, if we had unfettered access to wigs.

She may've temporarily changed her hair for JB, but Kanye remains the biggest Belieber in that family.