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Meghan Trainor Meets Britney Spears In The Catchiest Mash-Up Ever

'No' is basically just 'Overprotected.' The more you know.

If Meghan Trainor’s new single “No” had been released at the turn of the century, you can safely bet it would’ve soundtracked your roller skating birthday party, topped the TRL countdown, and been made into a Hit Clips keychain. The Y2K-leaning pop jam has rightfully drawn comparisons to everyone from 3LW to Dream, but an amazing new mash-up proves it’s Britney Spears whom Meghan’s most indebted to.

After seeing the video for “No” earlier this week, producer Raheem D decided to create a mash-up of Meghan’s song and Britney’s 2001 hit “Overprotected” -- and one listen will immediately tell you why. Besides being sonically similar, both songs also boast identical lyrical themes (namely: “Get TF out of my face because I am a goddamn independent women, thankyouverymuch”). Plus, the music videos are also strikingly similar -- hair flips, glamorous wind, group choreography, fishnets... it’s all there, folks.

Soooo... we can all agree this mash-up needs to be made into a full-length song, right? If it is, MTV promises to bring TRL back for one last season, so get on it, Raheem!*

*I actually do not have the authority to make this happen. Please take your requests to Carson Daly instead.