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Is Your Body Ready For A Miguel And Rihanna Collab?

Listen to a sexy snippet of their 'Kiss It Better' remix

Here’s a little challenge for you: Try to think of the sexiest combination in the world. I’m talking Channing Tatum and “Pony,” chocolate and raspberries... anything that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. In the music world, the equivalent of that feeling can only be summed up by a duet from Rihanna and Miguel, two artists who transcend sexiness. The sheer possibility of such a collab existing seems too good to be true... but oh, it’s possible. And it’s coming. Prepare your bodies, y’all.

Miguel -- who makes panty-dropping tunes on the reg (his latest album, Wildheart, was probably responsible for soundtracking the conception of a million babies) -- shocked everyone last week when he covered Rih’s “Kiss It Better” at South by Southwest. Sure, he had to read some of the lyrics off his phone, but his live version proved that he’s a perfect fit for the track, which is rumored to be Rih’s next ANTI single.

As it turns out, that live cover was a preview of a studio rework featuring both artists. On Tuesday night, Miguel released a snippet on Instagram of him harmonizing with Rih on “Kiss It Better,” simply captioned, “Kiss it Better preview #tacotuesday 😝😜😚😛😈 #wildheart.”

It’s still unclear whether the teaser is for a remix from Miguel or for an updated studio version, but one thing’s for sure: Between their hypnotizing harmonies, that gleaming guitar riff, and the track’s undeniable Prince vibes, it sounds DAMN GOOD. And sexy. Did I mention sexy?