Teen Mom 2's Leah On New Custody Agreement: I'm Focusing On The Twins

Find out how the MTV cast member explains co-parenting changes to Ali and Aleeah.

Leah and Corey were engaged in a lengthy and difficult custody battle -- but during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, Ali and Aleeah's parents finally heard the court's decision.

The young father received everything he asked for in the legal paperwork -- more specifically, the role of primary caretaker and primary legal custodian with a Monday-Friday schedule (the six-year-olds would spend Friday-Monday with their mother). In addition, decision-making for their daughters -- which was initially designated to Leah -- would now be shared.

Since the girls' day-to-day lives will be different from what they are used to, how did Leah address this adjustment with her children?

"When I talk to the girls about co-parenting changes, I kind of listen to how they feel and support them," Leah recently told MTV News, as seen in the video above. "I have been focusing more on how they feel -- instead of how I feel, or Corey, or Miranda, or Jeremy, or Jeremy's girlfriend. It doesn't matter."

On the flip side, what was Corey's communication approach during this transition period? Hear his answer in the clip below and share your thoughts about this new custody arrangement in the comments -- and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 10/9c.