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5 Artists Who Should Bring Their Live Show To The Video Game Universe

AlunaGeorge's Minecraft gig is only the beginning

AlunaGeorge are making history today by becoming the first music group to perform a live concert inside of Minecraft.

As the duo perform at The Gathering, a technology festival in Norway, their set will be simulated in Minecraft in real time. Aluna and George will both have blocky Minecraft avatars, and a group of people at the Gathering will mimic their movements to translate the show into cyberspace while the live music is broadcast to virtual attendees.

According to Gathering organizer Erik Heisholt, this is the first live concert ever to take place within the Minecraft universe. But we’re hoping the intersection of games and live music doesn’t end here.

If AlunaGeorge can play a show in Minecraft, what’s to say that other musicians couldn’t expand their live show into the digital sphere? We can already think of a few that would be perfect for the multidimensional gig—and the perfect games for them to jack into.

  1. Gorillaz

    Damon Albarn’s animated Blur side project already plays with the line between human musician and animated character. The hip hop group would be perfect for a video game show — we’d love to see them tear up Animal Crossing.

  2. Rihanna

    Rihanna’s stage show already looks like a Star Wars movie in its own right, so why not pull everything together full circle and bring the Anti tour to Battlefront?

  3. Disclosure

    These guys were already born inside Tron, right? Make them play Tron.

  4. Kanye West

    There are a lot of games Kanye could easily slip into, but 2016-era Kanye would probably feel most at home in the Dark Souls franchise. The fashion matches, and so does the enigma.

  5. Taylor Swift

    We would bet real money that the 1989 singer has the virtual cat game Neko Atsume on her phone. We would also pay real money to hear her play a concert to the animated kitties.