Jessica Norton

12 Bands You Need To See On The 2016 Vans Warped Tour

The line up this year is too. good.

Earlier this week on March 22, Vans Warped Tour founder and producer Kevin Lyman announced the 2016 lineup for the traveling punk rock summer camp, and let me tell you -- you're not going to want to miss it.

The tour is celebrating its 22nd year and bringing out Warped vets like Good Charlotte, Sum 41, New Found Glory, and Yellowcard, as well as newer faves such as The Maine, State Champs, and The Summer Set, to name a few.

The tour starts kicks off on June 24 (only 90 days away), and you can start getting psyched by listening to the 2016 Vans Warped Tour Pandora mixtape. You also may want to start hydrating now. It's gonna be a hot summer. 😅☀️🎶

From rad up-and-coming acts to old faves, here are some of the bands you need to check out this summer when the Vans Warped Tour comes to your city:

  1. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  2. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  3. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  4. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  5. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  6. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  7. Playing 7/30-8/13.

  8. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  9. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  10. Playing 7/19-7/28.

  11. Playing 6/24-8/13.

  12. Playing 6/24-8/13.