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This Throwback Kylie Jenner Photo Proves 'Not Much Has Changed'

🚨Major throwback alert 🚨

Recently Kylie Jenner revealed that she convinced her mom (shoutout Kris) to let her get blonde streaks in her hair when she was nine -- a pivotal moment in Kylie Jenner Hair History. Since then, she's experimented with everything from bangs to bobs and worn wigs in just about every shade of the rainbow.

While Kylie has kept us well up-to-date on her ever-changing hair, the world wasn't keeping as close of an eye back in the day. Last night Kylie posted a throwback picture to when she was much younger and rocking pink hair and blue contacts adding, "Not much as changed." I mean, technically, a lot has changed, but this does prove that Kylie has always been down to to switch up her look.