#TBT Teen Mom OG Edition: Remember That Time Gary Dressed Up As The Easter Bunny?

It's that time of the year!

Posing with the Easter Bunny is a special part of the spring-time festivity -- and way back when, Teen Mom cast members Amber and Gary made sure their daughter Leah had an unforgettable day with the folkloric figure. And no, it didn't involve a trip to the local mall...

In honor of the upcoming annual holiday this Sunday -- and because it's Throwback Thursday -- we're taking a fond look at the Season 2 moment (from 2010!) when the young mother's then-fiancé donned a furry white suit to emulate the iconic rabbit.

"He's got presents!" Amber declared to her adorably surprised little girl, while Gary hopped into the room with the special treats. Too. Much.

Even though Gary is understandably uncomfortable in the costume (perhaps some carrots would have helped), Leah's reaction is absolutely priceless. And while Amber expressed that Gary needed to wear the ensemble every year, there's no word if the doting dad has worn it again (we're going to guess no).

Relive the hysterical moment in the clip above -- and happy (early) Easter to those who celebrate!