The Ultimate Betrayal: These Love Hopefuls Were Catfished By Someone They Knew IRL

Remember that time Carmen conned her cousin because he called her a 'fat-ass Kelly Price'?

More often than not, Catfish prey on people they've never met. But a select few create phony profiles to lure in specific targets they actually know -- for positive or negative reasons -- and that's exactly what ensued during tonight's brand-new episode.

Michael, a 21-year-old from Philadelphia, asked Nev and Max to help him come face-to-face with Chanel -- a woman he had met online eight months prior. While the relationship was not long by Catfish standards, Michael felt loved by Chanel, and their conversations helped him get through difficult personal situations. But Chanel was not who she claimed to be and was not a stranger: Michael's ex-girlfriend Christina (from their high school days) created the account because she "missed" him and wanted to use Chanel to discover what was currently happening in his life.

But Christina is hardly the first person to use the guise of someone else to chat with a real-life acquaintance or enemy in the digital space. Check out the other memorable instances below, share your favorites in the comments and be sure to keep watching Catfish on Wednesdays at 10/9c!

  1. Jasmine and Mhissy

    Let's just say these two gals had a bit of history -- and when Jasmine learned that her rival Mhissy actually was the mastermind behind her supposed boyfriend Mike, the gloves were off and the ladies almost got into a physical altercation. While the two vowed to never speak to each other again, Jasmine and Mhissy eventually buried the hatchet.

  2. Cassie and Gladys

    Cassie was reeling from her father's death -- and found comfort and intimacy with Steve, a musician she met on Facebook. Turns out, this too-good-to-be-true dude was actually Cassie's BFF Gladys and Gladys’ cousin Tony, who acted as the male accomplice.

  3. Joe and Rose

    The nice guy thought he was speaking with ex-beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche -- and when the digital detectives got to digging, they truly believed that the "Average Joe" was communicating with Kari Ann (heck, her agent even confirmed the profile was legit). But Nev, Max and Joe were totally fooled: The woman behind the fake profile turned out to be Rose, a seasoned catfish and a girl from Joe's high school. Her reason for conning her crush? She had feelings for Joe and claimed the made-up identity would let her speak with him romantically, which she couldn’t do as herself.

  4. Antwane and Carmen

    This was the first time a family member was responsible for a fishy crime -- and Carmen declaring that she created "Tony” because her cousin Antwane once called her a “fat-ass Kelly Price" is arguably the greatest quote from the series.

  5. Felipe and Jasmin

    A slightly confusing trio, to say the least: Felipe struck up a relationship with Jasmin, who turned out to be Luis. At the same time Felipe was flirting with Jasmin, he was also dating a girl named Alex -- and she ultimately broke things off with the aspiring boxer because of his connection with his Internet ladylove. The shocking kicker: Alex -- who claimed she had no part in the Jasmin persona -- stood by the scheming Luis and remained loyal to her longtime friend.

  6. Whitney and Bre

    Simply put, the lovebirds (who lived on opposite coasts) duped Nev and Max because they needed the MTV duo's help (you know, PLANE TICKETS) to meet for the first time. Fortunately, the women really connected IRL, and the rest is history.

  7. Brandon and Kharece

    The construction worker fell in love with McKenna -- who was actually Kharece, a former hookup buddy. And even though Brandon admitted he loved McKenna, he did not share the same sentiment for the young woman pretending to be McKenna.

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