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Is JoJo’s Cover Of Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’ The Most Flawless One Yet?

Spoiler alert: Yes, probably

It's been almost two months since Zayn released his first solo single, the loud and libidinous “Pillowtalk,” but we have yet to see him perform it live (that acoustic version he teased on Snapchat doesn’t really count). When he finally gets around to its full, debut performance, though, we can only hope it’s as soulful and sensual as the rendition JoJo’s gifted us.

The “Save My Soul” singer covered Z’s breakout single during a recent show at London’s O2 Academy Islington, where she brought her I Am JoJo Tour. In a vid of the performance shared to her official YouTube account, JoJo tells the sold-out crowd, “London, I’ve been waiting this tour to perform this song for you. London’s own, U.K.’s own.”

While Zayn’s original version feels formidable and raunchy, JoJo opts for a more romantic vibe. But she still brings plenty of drama to the stage with some insane vocal runs that’ll send a shiver down your spine.

After skyrocketing to tween superstardom and then spending a few years in pop purgatory following a lawsuit with her record label, JoJo’s in the midst of a killer comeback. The same is sort of true for Zayn, who’s also trying to introduce fans to a made-over version of himself: one who’s not bogged down by boy band politics and is instead focused on his own artistic vision. With those semi-similar goals (not to mention their equally incredible voices), is a Zayn/JoJo collab destined to happen? It'd be our paradise...

Until that fateful day (hopefully) comes, check out a few other noteworthy "Pillowtalk" covers below, and decide for yourself if any of them outshine JoJo's:

  1. Bea Miller's synth-heavy rendition.

    With the help of producer Cole Plante, Bea gives us a more EDM-leaning cover.

  2. The Vamps' pop-rock makeover.

    The Brit band (sans guitarist Connor Ball) strip the song of its R&B flavor and give it a decidedly poppier version.

  3. Conor Maynard's beautiful piano ballad.

    The singer-songwriter keeps his cover softer and more mellow, but spices it up by throwing in some lyrics from Drake's "Hate Sleeping Alone." A+ for creativity.