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Did Kendall Jenner Really Punch A Photographer?

The model breaks it all down on her website

It was the punch heard 'round the world -- or was it?

After hanging out during the Balmain after-party in Paris earlier this month, it was rumored that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid got into a little scuffle with a paparazzo who got too close for comfort. Well, it's been a couple of weeks, and Kendall is finally putting the story to rest. On her website, she gave readers the full scoop on what exactly went down -- and no, it doesn't involve anyone getting punched.

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"Gigi, security and I were walking out together in a conga-line formation," she wrote. "I was covering my face because I was super sweaty after dancing in the club all night (the last thing on earth I wanted was to have my photo taken at that moment!)."

"All of a sudden, this paparazzi took his camera and started taking pictures right below my face. It was in my personal space, like centimeters from my body. I was so annoyed. All I ask for is just a bubble of space to breathe, and he disrespected that."

She continued that she didn't punch him but rather "grabbed his camera and pushed it away across my body, sort of trying to push and pull it out of his hand at the same time," which to the layman looked a little bit like a punch.

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And if you're wondering where the pictures are of the incident, then you must not know Kendall Jenner.

"Later, I asked that he delete the photos, but he wouldn't. My security, Mason, had to intervene and totally scared him. Mason made him agree to delete them and even forced him to apologize! I wanted to be 100% that the photos were gone for good because the paps can be sneaky."

Lesson learned: Give Kendall Jenner her much deserved space, please.

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