Male Bonding: Which Of The Teen Mom 2 Dads Are Close IRL?

Corey, Adam, Jo and Jeremy are opening up about their MTV cohorts.

Teen Mom 2 would not exist without the dads -- something Jo Rivera, Corey Simms, Jeremy Calvert and Adam Lind understand all too well. With the exception of Leah's exes, the guys' stories rarely intersect (save for reunions, aftershows and specials), but the young fathers have certainly spent their fair share of time together behind the scenes. So who would they say they are closet to off-screen? A hint: They all have different answers.

"I would have to say Corey and Jeremy, about the same," Aubree's parent recently told MTV News, as seen in the video clip above. "I can just relate to both of them, about equally. Just cause we have the same type of attitude towards the show and towards life and stuff like that."

Speaking of Corey, he has a unique connection with someone close to home.

"The 'Teen' dad I'm obviously closest with is Jeremy because we live in the same state," the father of three admitted.

So with whom do Jeremy and Jo feel a special connection? Watch the clip to find out -- and be sure to catch the foursome every Monday night on Teen Mom 2 at 10/9c!