Deorick Williams

This Family Hasn't Stopped Getting Texts After Their Numbers Appeared In A Meme

They went viral twice in one week. How about those odds?

Group texts are like a chat room on your phone, except minus the stranger danger, because you're chatting with your friends. That is ... if you can type all those numbers correctly. 📞

Last week, Georgia resident Teresa Lashley was so overjoyed at the birth of her grandchild Cason Knox Lashley, she created a group text to announce Cason's arrival to family members.

What Teresa didn't realize is that she had mistakenly announced the birth to a complete stranger: Deorick Williams.

"I was coming back from vacation so I was really tired I got the [message] around 7 that morning but I didn't notice it till around 9," Williams told MTV News. "Soon as I got the text I was rushing to get ready then I realized, 'Hey man, this isn't someone I know.'"

Instead of ignoring the texts or saying it was the wrong number, he actually decided (along with his brother Dennis Williams) to visit the baby, which the family happily allowed.

After bringing gifts for Cason and taking a sweet picture with parents Mark and Lindsey, the Williams brothers posted the texts online, and they went viral, being shared more than 202,000 times and being liked more than 72,000. Keep those numbers in mind...

The Williamses and the Lashleys now keep in touch, and already have something else to bond over, since this group's gone viral again -- In the original meme posted to Facebook, you can clearly see everyone's phone numbers. Whoops. (We blurred them here, because 202,000 people have already seen them).

So now, the entire squad is being inundated with texts, with one already having to change her number. 😕

They seem to be taking it all in stride, however. "Yes, been getting calls and texts from all over," Barber Landeen told MTV News over Facebook. "Most congrats but a couple annoying and explicit. There are always those few ... [but they were] mostly positive!"

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