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Mo-G Claims He Helped Make Hits For Drake -- And Never Got Paid

So much for that co-sign

A Drake co-sign has long been an initially foolproof yet ultimately complicated thing.

When he hopped on Migos's "Versace" in 2013, he brought them wider recognition, but they've since voiced displeasure with who they feel really benefitted from the arrangement. When he remixed Makonnen's "Tuesday" the next year, he made it a hit, and though the singer would soon sign to OVO Sound, Makonnen's since suggested he doesn't have much of a relationship with the label or its face.

Next in line: Mo-G.

The Toronto rapper, who Aubrey has shouted out both on Instagram and in "Summer Sixteen" ("Mo-G with the dance move," he raps), is voicing his frustration for what he says is a lack of compensation for his contributions to Drake hits. He doesn't specify what songs, nor what his role was in creating them -- but he's very clear about feeling used.

"Have you ever ever heard in the history of hip-hop a man that gives away his creativity and helps make Billboard hits, but doesn't get paid a dollar or get one credit for it and is here stuck in the 'hood," he asks in an Instagram video, before singling out Drake's manager, Oliver El-Khatib, as a "snake" and "culture vulture."

This is a far cry from the tone that Mo-G took just last month when discussing Drake.

“That n---a gave me a career,” he told MTV News, calling him a “big brother.”

Same goes for his take on Oliver. In fact, it was Oliver who first heard Mo's music and passed it on to Drake. The label also reportedly helped him record his debut EP, Ave Boy, released in January.

Drake, Oliver and OVO have yet to respond.