Makenna Kroge / Twitter

Teenage Runner Face-Plants So Hard, Turns Us All Into Winners

She is falling, falling, falling toward iconic status

Falling is super embarrassing, even when no one sees it but you.

Maybe you trip in a stairwell for instance and two full grocery bags of fruit you happen to be carrying comically scatter and spill all over the place and no one saw it so it totally didn't actually happen to me yesterday.

Conversely, to fall in ~*public*~ in such grand fashion as this young woman you're about to see is really just the absolute worst. (Buuut it's definitely fun to watch.)

Green Bay, Wisconsin high schooler Makenna Kroge participates in track and field at her school. During a recent sprint, she got ahead of herself (literally) when the track meet starting gun went off -- resulting in her tripping into a truly epic #RunnerFail.

If I was her, I would have just laid face down on the ground for a while like a Family Guy pratfall, but to her indomitable credit, she got right back up and ran her way to the finish line ... and into last place.

As for how she feels about her now-immortalized face-plant, she seems to be taking it in stride, if not with a bit of sarcasm, saying in her tweet, "How is your life going?" πŸ˜“

Well, Makenna, if it cheers you up, our lives are actually going much better, now that we've seen how you're living yours. πŸ…

Watch the full video below.

H/T Mashable