Kelsey Harmon / Twitter

Papaw The Sad Grandpa Is Having A Party -- And You're Invited

Burgers for everyone!

Papaw Harmon, the grandpa who captured the Internet's heart last week after only one of his grandchildren, Kelsey, showed up for dinner, won't be eating alone anytime soon. After Kelsey tweeted out the below picture last week, his touching story went massively viral.

People understandably had a lot of ~feelings~ about this rather somber pic.

But there's good news, guys! Thanks to the Internet's peer pressure, another grandkid, Brock, joined his Papaw at the dinner table.

And now the rest of the Harmon family is coming together to throw a giant cookout next Saturday, March 26. If you can make it to Purcell, Oklahoma, next weekend, Papaw will greet you with your very own burger.

"Hopefully, people come in, eat, get their pictures taken, hang out for 30 minutes or so and be courteous enough to make room for other people to show up," Brock told KVUE local news. Around 3,000 people have RSVP'd, he said, adding that the cookout was Papaw's idea.

The fam will be selling burgers ($2) and "I ate a burger with Sad Papaw" T-shirts ($23.95) at the event. Sad Papaw merch is also available online at

"We don’t want anyone to think we’re doing this for fame. We’re a very family-oriented family. We communicate all the time," Brock continued. "We want people to learn a lesson from this — call your grandparents, tell them you love them, go eat with them."

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