Jessica Girod / Twitter

Feel Free To Laugh Forever At This Cheerleader Falling Through A Car Roof

She's fine. We're pretty sure. Maybe.

Ever since Scarlet took a tumble on camera and uploaded the video to YouTube instead of deleting it way back in 2008, the world has gladly shared its fails for the world to see.

Because, like Scarlet, some tumbles, crashes, and fumbles bring insta-fame to their subjects in the process. So, will that be the case for the five teenage girls below?

Twitter user and Winter Springs, Florida, high school cheerleader Jessica Girod shared video of her and four cheer-buddies attempting to perform a routine to Ke$ha's "We R Who We R" while in a parked car.

Jessica Girod / Twitter

I don't know why either. But it's cute, so leave them alone.

Girod and Dominique Raspo start off the performance lip-syncing in the front of the car, followed by two of their friends who pop up in the backseat seemingly out of a youthful, chipper nothingness.

Finally, the fifth cheerleader, Alyssa Mair, tries to make a grand entrance (tries being the operative word) -- through the car's sunroof. Unfortunately for everyone involved, she loses her grip halfway through singing a phrase and ends up falling into the car, legs akimbo, all up on her screaming friends.

It's hilarious.

Hilarious enough to induct them into the Fail Meme Hall of Fame? Damn Daniel, be patient. Time will tell, but for now watch the short-but-sweet clip below. 💁

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