Ariana Grande Rocks A Bunny Mask For This Pitch-Perfect A Cappella Rendition Of ‘Dangerous Woman'

The Dangerous Woman album cover comes to life

Ariana Grande has been teasing her superhero getup for weeks, and now we finally get to see it in action.

In a new video, Grande sings “Dangerous Woman” completely a cappella while decked out in the bunny mask and shiny black dress that she’s rocking on her forthcoming album’s cover art.

Ari proves that she doesn’t need a backing band to hit every note perfectly, but she does bust out some air guitar (and later some air vocoder) where the song’s guitar solo should be.

Her single-take rendition of the sultry spy song earned rousing applause from the crew filming her, because let’s be honest: singing that smoothly with those huge rabbit ears bouncing around on top of your head can’t be easy.

Watch Grande rip up “Dangerous Woman” totally solo below.