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Denim Hair Is The New Hair Color Trend That Will Work For Basically Everyone


Trying to follow every hair trend will leave the average person exhausted and most likely bald, so I'm always stoked when one comes around that's suitable for almost anyone. See: denim hair. Yes, as in hair that looks like your jeans -- sort of.

As it is with jeans, denim hair comes in a variety shades, from midnight blue (à la Kylie Jenner) to pretty much gray. And also like your jeans, it still looks just as cool with time and fading.

Whether you're blonde or brunette, there's a denim shade that'll work for you. It's worth noting for those with darker hair that this process does involve a fair amount of lifting, as it would with any other lightening process, but fortunately the "denim" color you go with doesn't have to be extremely saturated. BRB, gonna go dye my hair blue now.

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