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Zayn Just Had A Listening Party On Periscope — 7 Things You Missed

Yes, including 'smiled' 😉

Today is a great day — it's Friday, AND Zayn decided to use his Periscope debut to have a listening party for his new album. If you have 16 minutes to dedicate to Zayn, you can watch the full thing here. If you cannot interrupt your day to watch Zayn, I'd recommend quitting your job.

If that seems unreasonable, you can read about seven things he did during the broadcast below. The choice is yours — enjoy.

  1. Sat in a stairwell

    Yeah, Zayn was so dedicated to Periscoping that, for some unknown reason, he posted up in a stairwell.

  2. Wore a denim jacket

    The real star of this video? That denim jacket. Damn.

  3. Got realllll close to the camera


  4. Yelled to someone off camera

    Gigi? His mom? His sisters? IDK BUT I WANT TO.

  5. Smiled ☺️

    Great smile, dude. Just great.

  6. Oh yeah, previewed new music

    He played clips of "She," "Drunk," "She Don't Love Me," "Take It Off," and "Wrong."

  7. Revealed some major news

    He signed off explaining he had to go to the studio to work on the second album. OH, OK. We'll stay tuned, I guess.

One week until Mind Of Mine, y'all. You ready?

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