Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Ariana Grande's Old Tweets Are Exactly As Cute As You Think They'd Be

A social feed filled with Bruno Mars, bubble baths, and Broadway

In 2009, Ariana Grande created a Twitter account. She was fresh off Broadway and working on a Nickelodeon show. The social network was fairly new at the time, and Ariana was using it to connect with fans, promote YouTube videos, and tweet about her transition into red-velvet-cupcake-haired Cat Valentine.

The "Dangerous Woman" singer has always been cute AF -- pastel colors, puppies, macarons, retro dresses, etc. -- and going way back into her Twitter feed proves it.

Sorry if this embarrasses you, Ari, but your old tweets are just too sweet to not unearth.

  • Ari ✨dreamed✨ about releasing an album
  • and there was a time when she only had 700 followers.
  • Her chic aesthetic was solidified in 2010
  • and she had to maintain her Boca Raton-bronze.
  • Bath bombs = 💕
  • Coconut water was her drink of choice.
  • Saturdays and Sundays consisted of simple things.
  • She has always been a conscientious shopper.
  • Math was not her fave.
  • Don't know where to find Ariana? She's probably in the bathtub.
  • She enjoyed "Shrek The Musical"...
  • and low key asked Bruno Mars out on a date.
  • She has always been getting silly with BFF Liz Gillies.
  • She was diggin' Bruce Springsteen
  • and channeled Steven Tyler's look for a party.
  • She liked playing Facebook games
  • and curated 'chill' AF playlists.
  • Did you know she liked bubble baths?
  • And, of course, she used adorable emoticons.