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Ariana Grande’s ‘Be Alright’ Is All You Need To Forget Winter Ever Happened

Hello, summer vibes

Last Saturday (March 12), Ariana Grande premiered her new single “Be Alright” on Saturday Night Live. Now, she’s released the full studio version, and it couldn’t be more different from “Dangerous Woman."

While the title track to her third album went full Bond theme by pitching Grande's voice into smoky noir territory, “Be Alright” opts for a more trop-house feel. Its laid-back beat rides on finger snaps and bass drums — no fancy percussion, just a warm and sunny groove.

The new track gives Ari the chance to ease up on the pipes a little. She’s not belting as hard as she can, just letting her voice waft over the production. It’s a nice change of pace — and it hints that Dangerous Woman is about to be a pretty diverse record when it comes out on May 20.

Hear “Be Alright” below.