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Taylor Swift Really, Really Loves Whipped Cream — And So Does This Dog

You see where this is going

Turns out Taylor Swift isn't so different from you and me. The 1989 pop star recently hung out with her family and, more importantly, her mom's dog, who is totally inappropriately named Kitty. Yes, really.

On Wednesday, March 16, Tay began sharing priceless videos from their time together. In the first one, Kitty ruthlessly takes back her spot on the couch when Taylor is in her way.

"Thank you. Thanks for [t]he hug," Swift captioned the adorable vid.

In the second one, Taylor is minding her own business, eating whipped cream straight from the can when Kitty rudely interrupts her with a very aggressive lick in the face.

This isn't the first time Taylor has showed off her whipped cream obsession on camera. A clip from her 2006 tour documentary, Road Diaries, shows her doing the exact same thing.

Some things never change. 😂