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Zendaya Says Exactly What You're Thinking About 'Damn, Daniel'

'I just feel bad for Daniel.'

Damn, Daniel -- it's been quite the month. In early February, Daniel Lara, 14, and Josh Holz, 15, shot to Internet fame with a silly video. After becoming a viral meme, the teens appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, hung out at the Allegiant premiere, and on Wednesday (March 16), Time included them on their list of "The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet" alongside big names like J.K. Rowling and Kanye West.

Zendaya, 19, doesn't get what all the fuss is about, though. In a recent interview with Popsugar, the megastar was wonderfully honest when asked about the one social media trend she wish would go away.

"First of all, what is this 'Damn, Daniel' thing? Have you been seeing that? It's literally [a video] of this kid coming up to this kid Daniel everday [sic] and saying, 'Damn, Daniel,'" Zendaya said. "He has white Vans, and he's like, 'Back at it with the white Vans.' I don't get what's so funny or so interesting about it."

In case you somehow haven't seen the video in question, here it is.

"I was sitting there, thinking, is he going to fall or say something funny? Literally he just says 'Damn, Daniel,' like 80 thousand times on a video," Zendaya continued. "I do not get the humor. With that [part of] my generation, I don't know what's going on with us. Why is this a trending topic? I just feel bad for Daniel. Daniel is just trying to live! Poor Daniel."

The Internet works in mysterious ways, Zendaya. How did Damn, Daniel become a thing? How did Alex from Target become a thing? Why was Poot ever a thing? The world may never know.