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An Oral History Of The Unsolicited Dick Pic

I'm annoyed that it's not real

No one knows exactly when, but the sending of unwanted dick pics has risen -- quite forcefully -- in the past few years. We all assume it's because technology has caught up to the speed of a man's foolishness when it comes to dating.

Yes, it seems like a modern issue, but, what if there was a pioneer willing to stand all the way up at attention and be very first in dick pic history?

BuzzFeed series Modern History explores the origins behind past times thought thoroughly from this age -- for instance, taking a pic of your junk and handing them out to women like resumes at a job conference.

"What better way to express your interest for someone than by sending them an ill-lit, poorly angled photograph of your genitalia?" BuzzFeed said on their video about the rise of the dick pic. "So, we decided to trace back the origins of the earliest dick pic and find out how it came to be."

Someone had to think this was a good idea first, and instead of doing any research, BuzzFeed just imagined an old-timey Civil War photographer, Richard Dicky Jamenson, was inspired to take and send the photo to a "handsome woman" he fancied. Try your hardest (teehee) to not laugh at the hilariousness that ensues. 🍆

Watch the full video below.