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Abbi And Ilana Shine Their Optimism On The Hillary Campaign In Broad City

The Democratic front-runner shows up and the girls lose their damn minds in front of their kween

Broad City anointed Hillary Clinton the yass-iest of the kweens last night in one of the most political episodes the show has ever done. Essentially a riff on the Onion headline "Female Presidential Candidate Who Was United States Senator, Secretary Of State Told To Be More Inspiring,” Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson did their part to help Clinton with her youth-vote problem by satirizing anti-HRC sexism, reframing the candidate as a powerful woman worthy of (orgasmic) worship, and presenting a utopian vision of how government — or at least the DMV — could work.

It wasn’t Broad City’s strongest installment, but the earnestness of "2016" went down smooth because Glazer and Jacobson weren’t afraid to make fun of their characters’ starstruck sincerity. (It helped that Clinton’s 100-second cameo strained no more credibility than the time Abbi got sloshed on book-club juice with Kelly Ripa.) And the visual gags were as clever as ever. We learned that Ilana’s "business hair" consists of eight pencils poking out of her buns, and the timing of Abbi’s spew — just as the first DMV photographer counts to three — was flawless. Even Clinton got to get in on the fun, winking in slo-mo twice, once out of each eye.

Broad City also retained its slightly surreal tone while calling out real-life sexism. "Hillary will not enforce male birth control or male pregnancy, as that is not a thing," intones Cynthia Nixon’s campaign HQ manager, adding, "Hillary is not a witch." (The always underrated Nixon offered the best celebrity appearance in an episode that also included Rachel Dratch and Alan Alda.) Ilana made the best/worst pitch for repro rights by sarcastically asking, "Pweese, Mr. Crusty Old White Man, can I pweese keep my ovaries?" Across town, Abbi went from channeling the Season 1 episodes about the package warehouse and Penn Station (when her date broke up with her rather than set foot inside that building) to marveling at the chocolate-and-harp-accented Customers With Appointments room: "This is the DMV the way it can be."

If the freewheeling Ilana seems more like a natural Sanders supporter, "2016" dashed all doubts by having both characters go apeshit — and kiss each other to memorialize the moment — upon catching sight of Hillary. "I pegged," blurts Abbi to the Democratic front-runner, beaming at perhaps her proudest feminist coup to date. Clinton is by far the biggest guest star Broad City’s ever had, but it was the candidate who really won with this episode, capping off a fantastic week for her campaign with this victory lap. She’s as squarely establishment as ever, telling the girls, "We need to drum up some excitement for the campaign, do everything we possibly can." But it’s that final shot that lingers, with Abbi and Ilana snuggling the candidate, and Clinton looking both maternal and majestic, looking optimistically into the future.