Tiziana Vergari / Instagram

No One Can Agree How Many Girls Are In This Picture

2? 4? 6? Infinity?

There's a new photo effing with the Internet's mind and before you ask, no, it's not another blue and black dress. Please direct your attention to the photo below. How many girls are pictured?

I guessed four the first time I saw it. They must all be twins or sisters or related in some way, I figured. But there are three people tagged in the pic, so it must be three, right?

I promptly lost my mind when the poster, Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari, revealed the answer to the over one thousand people debating in her Instagram comments.

Think you've figured it out or simply given up?

It's two girls. The closer one is staring into a mirror, thus creating an endless reflective vortex that's sucked up everyone's sanity. There you have it, folks. Carry on with your day in peace.