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Are Girls Bad At Math? Nah.

You already know this (we hope!)

Some people think boys are better at math than girls. Those people are wrong!

If anyone argues otherwise, just show 'em this snazzy new video in which MTV News's own chief political correspondent/renowned Jeb(!) diarist Ana Marie Cox shuts down this tired myth as part of Look Different's new "Gender Bent" series.

Look Different, MTV's Emmy Award–winning anti-bias campaign, describes "Gender Bent" as a three-part series tackling "beliefs about gender that are widely held and rarely examined." In addition to addressing myths about girls being bad at math, "Gender Bent" discusses the color pink's historical association with boys, as well as how "crying was considered extremely manly from ancient times until the 20th century."

You can learn how to fight back against gender bias every day at Look Different's website.