Ariana Grande Is The Only Good Part About This Bizarre Sketch Cut From ‘SNL’

Ari's March Madness party is about to go off the rails

Ariana Grande’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut went over exceptionally well last weekend, thanks to her spot-on celebrity impressions, impressive comedic timing, and dazzling musical performances. In fact, the episode was so packed with hit segments, that not every bit made the final cut -- and judging by the newly surfaced vid of one of those sketches, that’s actually a really, really good thing.

In the bizarre sketch, Ari invites two clueless co-workers, JoJo (Kyle Mooney) and BoBo (Beck Bennett), to her house for a March Madness party. A series of increasingly insane questions follow, as the two dudes don’t know when to arrive (now?), what to wear (ponchos?), or what to bring (nails and frogs?).

You might muster a chuckle... but that may only be because of the moment Ari adorably almost breaks character. Besides that, this one was probably best left on the cutting room floor.