Kailyn Vs. Javi: Whose Side Are You On After Their Teen Mom 2 Disagreement?

The married couple argued about their son during this week's episode.

Kailyn has been candid about some painful televised disagreements with her husband Javi -- and during this week's premiere episode of Teen Mom 2, the couple had difficulty getting on the same page when it came to their son Lincoln. But whose side are you on: Javi's or Kailyn's?

Before making an argument for each of them, let's reassess what unfolded between the Delaware-based pair: The young parents openly addressed that they don't spend time together during the week because of their busy day-to-day lives. And when Kail brought up the upcoming weekend schedule -- a photo shoot with her two boys, which Jo would bring Isaac to because of her firstborn's schedule -- Javi seemed on board with this plan.

When it came time for the afternoon activity, Javi decided at the last minute to stay home (as seen in the video above). When all of the images were done being snapped, Kailyn spontaneously suggested to Jo and Vee that the whole group go get dinner. But when the college student called her partner to see if he wanted to come, he repeatedly stressed that did not want to attend. But that didn't stop Kail from trying to get him to come -- and she even offered to pick him up on the way to the restaurant. However, he balked at the suggestion and stated that he preferred to stay at the house.

"I would appreciate it if you would drop off Lincoln so I can hang out with one my kids at least," he firmly stated.

However, Kailyn was not willing to drive the toddler back to be with his father at their residence and insisted that Javi didn't want Lincoln to go to the meal with the group. Before they could have a conversation, Kailyn cut the tension-filled chat short and hung up the phone. Later, over their food, Kailyn reiterated her previous point about her husband's lack of desire to have the two-year-old be around her ex and his longtime girlfriend -- but she also made sure to stress that the issues she was having with Javi were more deeply rooted in their own personal relationship.

But with regards to this specific argument, who do you think is in the right? Kail really wanted Javi to be a part of the family outing -- but was unwilling to compromise her evening (which came together at the last minute) in order to allow Javi to see their child. On the flip side, Javi backed out of the afternoon activity and chose to be alone for the majority of the day, even though he had previously expressed his disappointment that he never sees his loved ones and Kailyn was ready to help facilitate his transportation (even though it was a detour) so he could be with his clan.

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