Murtuza Hussain/Instagram

This Artist Creates Stunning 3-D Portraits Of Your Pop Culture Heroes

Grab your 3-D glasses

Instagram artists traffic in all mediums and passions. Some paint anatomically realistic body art; others use leaves as a canvas. Meet the young artist who makes his art pop out at you from your smartphone screen.

Murtuza Hussain is a 21-year-old Rutgers University student who sketches in 3-D. Murtuza wanted to create something super unique and was inspired by both Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso (yes, that Pablo).

Initially, Murtuza's goal was to find a way where his paintings could be more than just a pretty picture on the wall, completely different from what was considered mainstream. "I wanted to see: How can the viewer interact with the painting in a different sense?" Murtuza told MTV News. "How they can interact with art in a completely new and revolutionary way?"

“I had this one scheme of colors where I drew a skull and drew it three times over with three different colors," he explained. "After a year of failures with trying to make the art pop out, I asked a friend of mine to help me out. He used math and Photoshop to help me figure it out."

The style Murtuza uses to achieve his effect on his paintings is called Anaglyph 3D, which blends scion blue, red, black, and white -- all opposite on the color wheel, placed at a certain distance apart -- together into a three-dimensional image. But why choose celebrities for this style?

"Originally when I started off my 3-D art, it wasn’t as conceptual, it was me practicing the craft, so I wanted to get musicians, celebrities that I personally like a lot," Murtuza said.

“There are people out there who can draw beautifully. They can draw flowers they can draw people, but to me, that’s being a good drawer. That’s not being a good artist per se. A good artist ... should help people think in different ways and see new mediums and new styles."

Murtuza is currently working on paintings using bigger canvases for a gallery at Rutgers. His plans, he said, include handing his audience 3-D glasses as they enter the gallery and having them think, "Holy shit, am I on drugs?"

Murtuza is working on a new Instagram page solely for his 3-D pieces. For now, check his work here.