Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

#TBT Special: See Old-School Photos Of Teen Mom 2's Barbara Evans

The pictures Jenelle shared are positively priceless.

Teen Mom 2 loyalists have seen Jenelle, Kailyn, Leah and Chelsea -- and their kiddos -- grow up before their very eyes. While the four mothers have been known to post snapshots of themselves when they were younger on their social media accounts, an old-school glimpse of the one and only Barbara Evans had not been seen. But all of that has just changed -- thanks to Jace and Kaiser's parent.

Jenelle -- who will return with Babs as well as her fellow cast members on March 21 -- shared a rather priceless album featuring the brutally honest MTV grandmother from several years back on her website. From posing on the beach to casual, candid moments, the throwback images are a fun glimpse at the New England native with a penchant for dropping the "r" from most words uttered.

Enjoy some of the highlights below, be sure to catch Babs and Jenelle every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 10/9c and stay tuned for a brand-new web series featuring the New Englander launching very soon!