NYLON/Matt Irwin

Nicki Minaj Somehow Makes A Bowl Cut Seem Like A Good Idea

No, really!

It's been a minute since her Minajesty has graced the cover of a magazine, but, thankfully, Nylon has rectified that with its April issue. Blonde Nicki is back, but not in a way that we've ever seen before — she has a bowl cut.

No, really.

NYLON/Matt Irwin

While my stance on bowl cuts tends to be a blanket NO, Nicki has me reconsidering. Like, look how well her face is framed! Can you achieve the same thing with, say, long layers? I don't think so. When your lashes touch your bangs you're doing something right. You're doing everything right.

You can see more from the shoot and read the full interview on Nylon's site -- the full issue drops March 29.