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Kim Kardashian Officially Has Her Own Lipstick — Watch Out, Kylie

Collab in the future, please?

Kylie Jenner may be the makeup mogul of her family, but she better watch out — Kim Kardashian is throwing her hat in the ring. Well, kinda.

Kim hasn't launched her own lip kit line (yet!), but, rather, lent her name to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury for her new Hot Lips collection.

The collection boasts 12 celebrity collaborators -- including Cindy Crawford and Salma Hayek, NBD -- and pays tribute to the women's signature lipstick shades. Kim's, Tilbury told Vogue UK, "is that pale nude-pink that just suits her so well, she's such a modern beauty icon and this is just the Kim color."

The collection launches this summer, and proceeds will be donated to Women For Women International, a charity that offers support to women in countries affected by war and conflict.