Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Tinashe Takes Aim On Hard-Hitting New Track ‘Bullet’

Look out -- T's calling her shot

The bad news: there’s still no word on when Tinashe’s sophomore album, Joyride, will finally be released. The good news: new songs from T keep streaming in, whetting our appetites for what’s shaping up to be a banger-filled LP.

Tinashe’s most recently surfaced track is “Bullet,” a confident, snare-heavy call to arms that finds her locked, loaded, and calling her shot. “Call me little killer, finger on the trigger/ And you’re the one I got in my sight,” she sultrily warns, before repeating, “This bullet got your name on it” during the catchy chorus.

“Bullet” follows a string of other presumed Joyride tracks, including “Player” featuring Chris Brown, “Energy” featuring Juicy J, and “Party Favors” featuring Young Thug. The follow-up to 2014’s Aquarius has been in limbo for months now, and Tinashe told The Washington Post last week that she’s resorted to leaking her own material since RCA has been dragging its feet.

“I just want some new stuff to perform, and my fans deserve it too,” she said. “I think the music is pretty much created at this point, so now it’s just finishing touches and legal issues and all that good bullshit. It’s business.

“I’m ready to get it out,” she added. “I’ve been sitting on this music for a while so I can’t wait for other people to hear it.”

In the meantime, Tinashe is bringing her Joyride World Tour around North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia through the end of May.