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Apparently Jay Z Wants To 'Make Donald Drumpf Again,' Too

And he's got the hat to prove it

Of the slew of viral videos that John Oliver and his talented writing staff have created through their lengthy investigative reports doused in comedic genius during the two-plus season run of Last Week Tonight on HBO, none has been as discussed -- or watched -- as the Donald Trump-focused piece. In just two weeks, it has 21 million views -- nine million more than the FIFA takedown, which was posted in June 2014. And that's not to mention all the people that tuned in on TV.

One of those viewers, it seems, was Jay Z.

There were many clever and memorable moments, but -- in a nod to actual politics -- none stuck or stuck out quite as much as a catchy slogan: "Make Donald Drumpf Again."

The phrase plays both on Trump's motto, "Make America Great Again," and his anti-immigrant sentiment; Drumpf, according to the show's research, was the presidential candidate's family name in Germany before immigrating to the United States.

The LWT team created a website, a Google Chrome extension that changes "Trump" to "Drumpf" in your browser, and, of course, red hats with white writing, mimicking those of the Trump campaign.

On an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, Oliver said that they sold 35,000 of the hats, all at cost. There was one person who they did not sell a hat to, but who wanted one, anyways.

"Apparently, Jay Z's people called HBO asking for a hat," Oliver said. "I'll say this for starts: Buy the hat, Jay Z."

They ended up sending Hov the hat, he said. So let's keep our eyes peeled during the next public Jay sighting.