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9 Times Kanye Went Above & Beyond for Kim

Because Kanye spares no expense when it comes to his 'muse'

Kanye West dislikes a lot of people. But who's the one person he cherishes above all others? His wifey, Kim Kardashian West, of course.

Though Kanye is known for his fiery temper (and passion for Ikea), he definitely has a softer side when it comes to Kim, the woman he refers to as his "muse." In honor of Kanye's devotion to Kim, we've rounded up 9 times he went above and beyond for his Queen.

Best husband ever, or way, way too much? You be the judge.

  1. He writes her love notes, sometimes in the form of songs.

    “Lost in the World,” from Kanye's 2010 LP My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is a love poem to Kim. In the song, he raps a series of paradoxes that represent their relationship, such as, “you’re my devil/you’re my angel.”

  2. When it comes to proposing, Kanye does not go subtle.

    On October 21st, 2013, Kim’s 33rd birthday, Kanye proposed to his love by renting out the AT&T Baseball Park. To Kim's surprise, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” appeared on the screen, and when she said yes, a surprise group of family and friends flooded the field.

  3. And when it comes to engagement rings, Kanye does not go cheap.

    Kanye proposed to Kim with a 12 carat diamond engagement ring, and was completely involved in the creative process alongside designer Lorraine Schwartz from beginning to end.

  4. When it comes to flowers, a simple bouquet will just not do.

    For Kim's first Mother's Day in 2014, Kanye surprised her with a wall of peonies, roses and hydrangeas in their backyard. 12 days later, at the couple's wedding in Florence, Italy, Kanye orchestrated an even bigger wall.

  5. Kanye won't stand for anybody crowding Kim's path.
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    On Kim and Kanye's wedding weekend, he blocked people from his bride-to-be as she walked to their car for dinner at Versailles.

  6. Kanye even helps Kim walk down the stairs.

    Here's Kanye spotting Kim as she braces the steps in sky-high heels as the couple leave the Peninsula Hotel in Paris.

  7. One present from Kanye = more than most people's annual salaries.

    Kanye had North paint an Hermes bag for Kim's 34th birthday. While most of us spent our childhood using chalk to mark up sidewalks, Kanye feels that North should practice her doodling on a luxury item known to cost up to $150,000. Casual.

  8. The parties Kanye throws for Kim are fairly extravagant.

    A movie theater birthday sounds low-key enough, but for Kim's most recent 35th birthday, Kanye rented out a movie theatre in Westlake Village, California so they could view Steve Jobs in private with all their friends and family. (Oh, and there's another wall of roses.)

  9. Kanye likes when Kim is looking her best...

    ... Even after just giving birth. Last Christmas, Kanye bought Kim 150 presents that consisted of a new wardrobe for her ‘Bounce Back’ body, clearly eager to spark motivation in his baby mama by way of new designer clothes.