Cole And Dylan Sprouse Have A Doppelgänger — And It's Someone's Great Aunt

This is low-key freaking me out

Doppelgängers are fairly common in the entertainment world, with a plethora of celebs being mistaken for other celebs because they look so similar. But sometimes, lookalikes derive from non-famous people and that's when things can get a little weird.

On Saturday (March 12), Twitter user @livinglifelegit tweeted a childhood photo of her great aunt, who eerily resembles two familiar Disney Channel faces: Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Now, I saw the photo before I read her caption, and immediately thought her relative looked like the Sprouse twins. Sure, her hair might not be that classic Suite Life bowl cut, but her facial features are all too Sprouse- like.

Cole either agreed he looked like the great aunt and/or thought it was just too hilarious not to share, because the NYU grad retweeted the pic.

And if you were wondering, @livinglifelegit's great aunt is still alive, since she later tweeted out her concern after the pic racked up a whopping 14k likes and 2k retweets.

Tbh, why wouldn't you want her to see this? Because it's pretty amazing. Let's take a closer look.

Minus the obvious third eye (lol) I can totally see the resemblance. Doppelgängers are weird, man.