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Will The Gilmore Girls Revival Involve A Wedding? This May Be A Clue

A fan discovered something major during a Warner Bros. tour

Netflix's Gilmore Girls reboot is on its way, and fans are clamoring for clues about what will go down in its four, 90-minute episodes. The Internet's latest discovery? An ornate lamp that looks like it's straight out of Mrs. Kim's antiques store. A hold sheet attached to the prop reads "wedding."

A fan visiting the Warner Bros. studio in Los Angeles stumbled upon this treasure during her tour. According to her Instagram post, she found it in the prop storage area for Gilmore Girls, which was filming at the time.

This is a huge hint that wedding bells might be ringing in Stars Hollow sometime soon. So let's speculate wildly about who the lucky couple could be, shall we?

  • Lorelai and Luke
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    Please, please, please be Lorelai and Luke.

  • Lorelai and Chris
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    They always seem to find their way back to each other, for better or worse.

  • Lorelai and Max
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    He's no Luke, but their chemistry was undeniable.

  • Rory and Dean
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    Despite their long history together, this seems too messy.

  • Rory and Logan
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    She rejected his proposal the first time around, but maybe she changed her mind?

  • Rory and Jess
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    Their home would be overflowing with books.

  • Rory and Tristan
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    This is highly unlikely, but can you imagine Chad Michael Murray and Alexis Bledel sharing screen time again? Our minds are exploding just thinking about it.

  • Rory and Marty
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    Hey, who knows, maybe these two freshmen year pals reunite at a Yale alumni event.

  • Lane and Zack
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    Sure, they're already married, but maybe they're planning one of those trendy "vow renewals" that happen so much on TV.

  • Lane and Dave
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    We're all for any excuse to get Adam Brody back on this show.

  • Paris and Doyle
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    Paris has her quirks. Doyle has his quirks. Of all the Gilmore Girls couples, these two are simply meant to be.

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