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Rihanna’s ANTI Tour Is Basically A Whole New Star Wars Movie

Episode Ri is here

Move over, Rey. The desert has a new queen.

Rihanna wowed Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday (March 12) with the start of her ANTI tour. Not only did she pull out a great set list (“All of the Lights,” “Take Care,” and “Umbrella” made the cut); she also pulled out all the stops on her costume designs, which gave off serious Star Wars vibes.

A series of photos posted to Facebook show Rihanna rocking some killer Yeezy-style neutrals styled by Mel Ottenberg, who also worked on the Loud and Diamonds tours. She walked onstage in a white canvas Jedi robe and tan thigh-highs, then sang “Sex With Me” from a glass box that floated slowly across the crowd.

Her backup dancers joined her in desert reliefs before clearing out so Rihanna could strut the stage solo in a stitched-up bodysuit.

She might look like she could fit in on Tattooine, but don’t be so sure that Rihanna won’t be tempted by the dark side. Later in the set, she sang in a floor-length black cloak with a Sith-worthy hood, accompanied by dancers wearing glittery black morphsuits.

Riri also rocked some sexy mad-scientist looks, pairing lab goggles with a black leather corset. (Maybe it’s a Back to the Future crossover?)

Now that we think about it, Rihanna’s BRIT Awards outfit looked suspiciously like one of Padme’s classic getups from Attack of the Clones...

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Rihanna is currently set to appear in the French sci-fi film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, due out July 2017, but we know another franchise she’d fit right into. Somebody call Episode VIII's casting director.