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Kanye West Found His Next Venture: NBA Mascot Designer

Chuck the Condor, he's coming for you.

Kanye West does not confine himself to one avenue of creation. He raps. He produces. He has his own fashion line. He tweets. And next, he hopes, he'll be (re)designing an NBA mascot.

This started off as all important things do these days: With a Kanye tweet. Sunday night, 'Ye made a plea to Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, to lend his vision to the team's mascot.

Almost immediately, the very mascot whose fate Kanye hopes to shape, Chuck the Condor, fired back at Kanye. Part humor, part preservation.

But Ballmer, the man who controls poor Chuck's future, sounds into the idea.

Chuck is just a baby mascot -- he was unveiled only two weeks ago. The response, though, was largely less than positive.

No matter what happens, Chuck, keep smiling.