'Ride Along' Repeats Easily as Box Office Champ

ride along

If this week's box office chart seems strangely similar to last week's box office chart, there's a good reason: Because it's nearly identical.

Yes, not only did last week's champ "Ride Along" once again win the box office battle, it had plenty of company as the top five films on the box office chart from last week finished in almost the exact same order this week.

That's good news for Universal Studios, which boasts both the number one film ("Ride Along" earned another $21.2 million) and the number two film ("Lone Survivor," which banked $12.6 million). It was also status quo for "The Nut Job" ($12.3 million), Disney's megahit "Frozen" (which earned $9 million to stay in the box office top five for the tenth consecutive week), and "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" ($8.8 million).

For every winner, though, there has to be a loser, and this weekend's big loser was Lionsgate's "I, Frankenstein." The effects heavy actioner, which stars the underrated Aaron Eckhart, bombed out with a dismal sixth place debut, earning just $8.3 million in its attempt to kickstart a "Underworld" style franchise.

Meanwhile, the bottom half of the chart was dominated by award season hopefuls, as "American Hustle" ($7.1 million) "August: Osage County" ($5 million) and "The Wolf of Wall Street" ($5 million) continued to pack in Oscar enthusiasts.

Next week brings the release of Kate Winslet's Stockholm syndrome romance "Labor Day." For now, though, here's a look at this weekend's top ten, courtesy of Hollywood.com:

1. "Ride Along" - $21.2m (our review)

2. "Lone Survivor" - $12.6m (our review)

3. "The Nut Job" - $12.3m (our review)

4. "Frozen" - $9m (our review)

5. "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" - $8.8m

6. "I, Frankenstein" - $8.3m

7. "American Hustle" - $7.1m (our review)

8. "August: Osage County" - $5m (our review)

9. "The Wolf of Wall Street" - $5m (our review)

10. "Devil's Due" - $2.8m