Exclusive Clip: 'Capital'


We all have that uncle who frequently manages to spoil family dinners. But, while the "Drunk Uncle" is a character on Saturday Night Live for a reason, Marc Tourneuil's (Gad Elmaleh) uncle in "Capital" spoils dinner by means of a systematic takedown of the bank for which Tourneuil works in this exclusive clip.

Uncle Bruno (Jean-Marie Frin) is unhappy with the state of money and banking in the world. He thinks that banks like his nephew's exist only to make money for their executives while they "screw everyone three times" over. Touneuil retorts by simply stating that the new internationalism of money and goods is exactly what "lefties" like his uncle wanted in their youth. As he leaves to take a call from New York, the lack of response from his uncle and the general silence of the table prove yet another family dinner has been ruined by talk of politics and ideology.

Co-starring the great Gabriel Byrne, "Capital", the latest work from legendary director Costa-Gavras's ("Missing", "Z"), is an exploration of the cutthroat banking world at the executive level. The ever Machiavellian Tourneuil is appointed CEO of France's Phenix Bank after the former CEO collapses on the golf course. The power struggles, deception, and corporate sabotage that we've come to associate with bankers and lawyers at the highest level are all there, but the wrench in the gears proves to be an attempted hostile takeover of Phenix by a large American hedge fund.

"Capital" opens in New York City on October 25th, and Los Angeles on November 1.