Exclusive Clip: 'CBGB'


Punk as we know it was born in a John Varvatos on Bowery in the East Village, just down the street from a delightful local restaurant called Peels, which is known for its wonderful brunch. Of course, before the Bowery was gentrified into the eastern seaboards's mimosa epicenter, it was home to junkies and gangs and all sorts of other ruffians, and before 315 was a John Varvatos it was the legendary CBGB, where a struggling club owner named Hilly Kristal once invested all of the money he didn't have into the greatest (read: foulest) bar / concert venue in all of New York... for country and bluegrass music. But that's not quite how things worked out.

The history of CBGB is the history of punk in America, from the stage where it was born to the magazine that named it and the bands that brought it to life, kicking and screaming and vomiting everywhere. Randall Miller's new film "CBGB" reanimates Hilly Kristal's legacy (often literally) as a fun and star-studded sprint through one of the most exciting eras in modern music history, casting the appropriately legendary Alan Rickman as Kristal and surrounding him with everyone from Malin Akerman (as Blondie singer Debbie Harry) to Ron Weasley himself, Rupert Grint (as Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome).

In this exclusive clip from the film, which hits theaters on October 11th, Hilly Kristal tries to convince producer Genya Ravan (Stana Katic) that Dead Boys are poised to become one of punk history's defining moments, and that she needs to help the club and the music ascend to the next level by taking the upstart and out of control band under her wing. Check it out:

"CBGB" opens on October 11th.