Exclusive Clip: 'We Are What We Are'


You know that family who lives in the quietest house on the street? The family who is so seldom seen that it often feels as though they don't live in that house at all? Well, maybe you're right to be afraid of them. Maybe the fear that your parents and neighbors laughed off will save your life one day.

In "We Are What We Are", the Parkers are that family, that tight-knit unit who keeps to themselves as though their house is guarding a dangerous secret (which of course it is, but to say more would ruin the fun). Parker patriarch Frank (Bill Sage) rules his home with an iron fist, ruthlessly imposing his very untraditional way of life upon his wife and his two young daughters, Iris (Ambyr Childers) and Rose (Julia Garner, who was  excellent as the lead in this year's "Electrick Children"). But when the area begins to flood in the aftermath of a torrential rainstorm, the Parker's lifestyle is threatened as outsiders begin to pry into their lives and expose their unique family traditions. Check out the film's trailer here.

A remake of a thoroughly creepy 2010 Mexican film of the same name, this new English-language version of "We Are What We Are" was directed by Jim Mickle, who tackled tonally similar material with terrifying success in "Stake Land."  A thoroughly chilling psychological thriller and an unnervingly relatable story about the value of family in the modern world, "We Are What We Are" is one of the year's most unforgettable movies. Film.com is pleased to present this exclusive clip from the film, in which Frank and his daughters discuss how protecting themselves and their secret just got a hell of a lot harder.

"We Are What We Are" will be released in theaters on September 27th.