Exclusive Clip: Take a Sip of an 'American Milkshake'


If films like "The To Do List" and "American Milkshake" help usher in a wave of original and occasionally raunchy period comedies that feed our nostalgia for the 1990s, well ... that's a trend I could get behind. The 90s were a strange and magical time to be a teenager in America, and looking back at it, that decade seems as recent as it does utterly bizarre. Radiohead was a relevant rock band, Suchin Pak was on MTV, racial tensions made headline news ... okay, maybe things aren't that much different, but perspective can be a funny thing, and "American Milkshake" – which earlier this year was acquired by the newly minted Kevin Smith's Movie Club banner out of Sundance – has no problem making us laugh at ourselves.

The story of a white kid named Jolie Jolson who desperately wants approval from the predominately black gangsta crowd at his school, "American Milkshake" promises to be a funny and fearless look at how the social politics of race and culture can make growing up that much more difficult. Starring Tyler Ross, Shareeka Epps and Georgia Ford (daughter of Harrison), "American Milkshake" slurps into theaters and VOD on September 6th.

Check out this exclusive clip from the film, in which Jolie finally gets an in with the basketball team.

SynopsisIn mid-90's America, bookish high-school student Jolie Jolson knows the only way to get in with the gangsta crowd is to make the varsity basketball team.  Making the team not only means approval from the inner-city crew of Maple Avenue, but also gets him a step closer to being the one thing he is not – black.